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Shiba Inu Price Prediction: SHIB Price To Hit $0.01, If this Happens

Shiba Inu Profit Strategy

Shiba Inu, the beloved dogecoin rival, is buzzing with excitement! A marketing specialist within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, Lucie, just dropped some intriguing hints suggesting a potential surge. Could this be the start of another epic rally for SHIB? 

Buckle up and dive in to find out!

From Zero to Hero: Can SHIB Defy Expectations?

I won’t comment on $SHIB. I’ve been holding since 2021 and have always believed in reaching 0.01, just not immediately… Everything takes time.

But with $LEASH, if you sell below $5000, you don’t understand what $LEASH is.

My dark horses are $LEASH and $SHEB. $BONE should be…

— ???????????????????? | SHIB.IO ????????‍♀️ (@LucieSHIB) March 5, 2024

Lucie has stirred the crypto space yet again with her bold prediction for SHIB’s future value, suggesting that it could eventually hit $0.01. Despite currently trading for less than a penny, Lucie believes SHIB has the power to eliminate two decimal places, paving the way for this significant milestone.

While the token is currently marked in the red, recent community activity, ongoing burning rate, and hitting the $0.00003 milestone have sparked a bullish vibe in the market. Since SHIB crossed the $0.00001 barrier, bullish sentiment about the token’s ability to hit $0.0001 is palpable.

Patience Pays Off: When Will SHIB Hit $0.01?

In her recent X post, Lucie underscored the importance of patience, emphasizing that reaching $0.01 won’t happen overnight. Instead, she takes a long-term perspective, showcasing that “Everything takes time.” This perspective goes well with Shiba Inu’s recent rally, with SHIB soaring to a multi-year high of $0.00004456 from just $0.0000097 within two weeks, marking a staggering 359% gain. Market data indicates a significant 330.89% increase in the SHIB burn rate, with 297.19 million coins burnt in the last 24 hours. This reduces the circulating supply to 582.49 trillion SHIB.

Mixed Timeline to Hit the Target

While some may view Lucie’s prediction as ambitious, she’s not alone in her optimism. Interestingly, ChatGPT’s AI chatbot says it will happen within five years, but Google’s experimental AI finds this idea hard to believe. On the other hand, the research team at Changelly Exchange thinks SHIB could hit $0.01 by 2050. If this ambitious prediction comes true, it would mean a staggering 27,364% rise from SHIB’s current value of $0.00003641. 

On the flip side, Shiba Inu has seen even bigger rallies in the past, reaching its all-time high at $0.00008845. Lucie also dropped a hint of SHIB ETF on the horizon, as the Shiba crypto community is actively seeking Grayscale’s support.

Next up on her list are Doge Killer (LEASH) and BONE. She sees LEASH as a “dark horse,” indicating that selling below $5,000 underestimates its potential. Regarding BONE, Lucie considers it essential for every Shiba Inu wallet, recalling its importance within the Shibarium ecosystem.

However, it’s essential to note that Lucie’s opinions are not financial advice. As SHIB is a popular meme coin, investors are advised to conduct their research and make informed decisions.

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