Polygon Closes Major Deal with Lotte Group, Solana Slowly Regains Its Value as TMS Seeks to Disrupt the Trading Industry


The crypto space is always abuzz with activity. There’s always something new happening, whether it’s a new coin launching, a coin losing value, or a stakeholder closing a major deal among other things. 

Recently, Polygon closed a partnership deal with Lotte Group, Solana has been showing some bullish signs while TMS Network (TMSN), has introduced a new way to invest with confidence.

TMS Is Revolutionizing the Trading Industry

The TMS Network (TMSN) is an all-in-one trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform seeks to change the way people trade by solving the most pressing issues in the trading market. For example, the TMS network addresses the lack of price uniformity, wash trading, price manipulation, transaction delays, insufficient trading experience, lack of trading education, and high trading fees. 

With TMS, cryptocurrency traders can connect to the network and follow successful traders. This way, they can closely follow and learn from the strategies of experienced traders and use this knowledge to build their own trades.

TMS also comes with on-chain analytics, portfolio management, strategy builder, and trading bots to provide traders with the tools they need to execute trades with confidence and make informed decisions when trading.

Polygon has recently entered a partnership with the Lotte Group, a South Korean conglomerate that manufactures beverages, liquors, food ingredients, and processed foods.

In July last year, The Lotte Group partnered with blockchain company Blocko to launch Daehong communications. The goal of Daehong communication was to develop NFTS for the Lotto Group and other businesses affiliated with the conglomerate.

The first NFT collection for the Lotte Group is known as BellyGom. It was minted in August 2022, on the Klaytn blockchain, which is the biggest blockchain in South Korea. 

With the new partnership with Polygon, The Lotte Group hopes to take their NFT project to international markets by making use of the layer -2 Ethereum scaling ecosystem that the Polygon blockchain offers.

Polygon will help the Lotte group accelerate the global advancement of their NFT projects with both domestic and foreign companies. In other words, Polygon’s partnership with the Lotte Group will escalate Daehong Communications to a competitive web-3 player in the global ecosystems by creating a new NFT business model.

All of Daehiong’s previously minted NFTS will be migrated to the Polygon network. 

Polygon’s Partnership with the Lotte Group will add to the value and credibility of the polygon blockchain and may even drive the price of MATIC cryptocurrency up.

Solana is slowly regaining its value

Solana has been regaining its value as shown in its recent price of about $23.  Since February 14, Solana has been trading between $21.85 to $ 26.04. This is a great improvement from its December 2022 low of $9.89.

Last year, Solana, like most other cryptocurrencies was hit hard by the greatest bear market that the crypto market has ever seen. The cryptocurrency went from, trading at $204.35 in November 2021, to a low of about $32 in September 2022.  

The collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency pushed the value of Solana to an average of $9.89 in December 2022.  This decline was mainly because Sam Freud was actively involved in campaigning for Solana. When his exchange collapsed, investors quickly dumped their Solana due to fear that eth cryptocurrency might be affiliated with eth FTX crypto exchange.

Although Polygon and Solana are making great strides to move ahead, it is the TMS project that is proving to be the best bet for investors in 2023. You can learn more about the TMS network in the links below.

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Polygon Inc., one of the largest blockchain technology firms, has recently closed a major deal with the South Korean retail conglomerate, Lotte Group, demonstrating the immense potential of blockchain technology.

The partnership announcement revealed that the Lotte Group, which is the 5th largest retailer in the world, will leverage Polygon’s blockchain platform and products to design and deploy a network-wide infrastructure to store and manage data related to its products – from food and beverage to health and personal care products. This major breakthrough in the application of blockchain technology is expected to create a new level of transparency and trust between the Lotte Group and its customers.

At the same time, Solana – a leading cryptocurrency platform – saw a significant jump in its value, as all eyes are now on its technology and platform, which has the power to disrupt the trading industry. The technology, which is inspired by Google’s TMS, combines the speed and scalability of blockchain with the power of distributed ledger technology. With its decentralised architecture, it can process more than 50,000 transactions per second, making it one of the most powerful solutions to the current problems facing the industry.

This recent partnership between Polygon and Lotte Group, combined with the increasing interest in Solana’s technology, paints a bright future for both companies and the industry as a whole. With Polygon’s blockchain solutions providing the Lotte Group with trust and transparency, and Solana’s technology disrupting the trading industry, the industry can look forward to a new era of blockchain-driven innovation.

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