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Crypto Bull Run 2024: Top Altcoins For 10-100x Surge

Crypto Bull Run 2024: Top Altcoins For 10-100x Surge

In a recent tweet, the esteemed crypto analyst Xremlin has illuminated the cryptoverse with potential altcoin gems, promising gains that might catapult them from 10 to 100 times their current value in the coming months.

Millions will be made on altcoins in the upcoming months.

The altcoin season could start any day now.

????After analyzing hundreds of tokens in 2023-24, I’m ready to unveil the list of tokens that could skyrocket by 10-100x this year⭣

— Xremlin (@0x_gremlin) March 1, 2024

As Bitcoin approaches its all-time high, the altcoin market stands resilient. Xremlin hints at a potential shift towards altcoins, a familiar pattern seen in previous bullish cycles. During these cycles, Bitcoin’s dominance weakens, and its price stabilizes, creating fertile ground for altcoins to flourish.

Xremlin’s Predictions for 2023-24

Xremlin’s meticulous analysis of hundreds of tokens has birthed a list of altcoins poised for explosive growth in the current year.

Oraichain ($ORAI):

Topping the list is Oraichain, a groundbreaking AI-powered oracle and blockchain ecosystem. It’s metamorphosing into an advanced AI Layer 1 for the Data Economy, laying the groundwork for smart contracts and dApps within the blockchain realm. Currently valued at $16.25, with a market cap of $215,944,888.

IX Swap ($IXS):

Stepping into the limelight is IX Swap, a platform facilitating the trade of security tokens and real-world assets. $IXS stands at $0.34, with a market cap of $55,234,874.

Starknet ($STRK):

Next up, is Starknet, the largest ZK rollup project in the market. It offers an Ethereum ZK rollup layer 2 solution and has a current value of $1.83 with a market cap of $1.3 billion.

Kujira ($KUJI):

Kujira emerges as a trailblazer, constructing a cutting-edge Layer 1 ecosystem for FinTech solutions. Empowering users with institutional-grade tools and dApps, $KUJI is valued at $4.39, backed by a market cap of $537,987,353.

Altlayer ($ALT):

Now, Altlayer, a Decentralized Rollup-as-a-Service protocol facilitates the launch of native and restaked rollups. AltLayer provides an SDK for developers looking to handle their rollups independently. $ALT is currently valued at $0.47 with a market cap of $519,290,797.


Venturing into gaming realms, XAI_GAMES presents a Layer 1 network dedicated to AAA games. Offering a low-cost, scalable, and user-friendly environment, it allows users to own and trade in-game items without the hassle of crypto wallets. Priced at $1.32, with a market cap of $366,366,280.

ClearpoolFin ($CPOOL):

In the decentralized credit arena, ClearpoolFin takes the spotlight. Offering permissionless crypto lending and borrowing services for institutions, Clearpool is backed by industry-leading VCs. $CPOOL currently stands at $0.1295, with a market cap of $58,115,430.

Wicrypt ($WNT):

Lastly, Wicrypt, a decentralized network designed for users to share and earn from their mobile internet. $WNT operates as a virtual internet provider, guaranteeing encryption, billing based on data usage, and incentivizing hosts. It’s currently valued at $0.345 with a market cap of $14,571,609.

Nevertheless, Xremlin’s selections aren’t mere shots in the dark. Backed by meticulous analysis, they provide a roadmap for potential gains in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. As Bitcoin reaches new heights, Xremlin’s keen eye has opened a treasure trove of altcoin opportunities for savvy investors. Keep a close watch on these rising stars!

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