Apart From XRP, ADA, and ATOM, These Altcoins Hold the Potential for a 100x Rally This Cycle

Top Altcoins Poised To Hit $1 Soon!

The crypto markets appear to have entered the initial phase of the 2024 bull run and could have probably headed toward its end. With this, a strong bullish wave is expected to flow into the space, which may cause the prices of the majority of the tokens to pierce through their previous ATH. 

Recently, the Bitcoin (BTC) price smashed a new ATH at $69,170 and hence, it becomes more feasible to consider whether it is a good time to enter as the star crypto has already made a strong move. 

Although the cycle is just beginning, the altcoins haven’t even started to surge yet, while the BTC price is still very far from its higher targets. In the middle of the soaring bullish sentiments, some altcoins are possessing the huge potential to be the next 100x gem. In the upcoming cycle, four major sectors may thrive, namely, AI, GameFi, Layer-2, and Memecoins. Below are some of the tokens that need one’s attention. 

  • enqAI (enqAI), formerly known as noiseGPT, stands for uncensored and unbiased AI. With a small market cap of $110.49 million, the token has more room to grow.
  • Jito Network (JTO), supports the Solana ecosystem with its JitoSOL liquid staking pool and different products with a micro market cap of around $342 million
  • Chain GPT (CGPT) is an advanced AI infrastructure that develops AI-powered technologies for the Web3, blockchain, and crypto spaces. Market Cap: ~ $156 million
  • Starknet (STRK), a zk-Rollup that functions as L2, allows the dApps to scale with a market cap of over a billion
  • Celestia (TIA), a modular blockchain, simplifies the blockchain launching process, allowing enhanced scalability. The market cap of TIA is nearly $2.6 billion
  • Heros of Mavia (MAVIA) is a Web3 MMO strategy game with a market cap of around $191 million
  • Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) is a growing memecoin with a market cap of just $84 million
  • SatoshiVM (SAVM) is a Bitcoin ZK rollup L2 that uses BTC for gas fees. Mainnet is expected to launch soon. 

The stages of the bull market are pretty clear, where the traders pour huge liquidity onto Bitcoin first, which in turn escalates to Ethereum. Further high-cap altcoins surged, followed by the low-cap tokens. The first stage of the cycle appears to have passed and hence the altcoins are expected to expand as the liquidity has already entered the high-cap tokens. 

The current market dynamics suggest the new altcoins are growing better than the older ones and therefore, the above-mentioned tokens can be considered for the upcoming bull run. 

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