Japan September Exports Jump 14.1%

Japan September Exports Jump 14.1%

Japanese exports jumped 14.1% in September from a year ago helped by exports of semiconductors, the latest data from Japan’s finance ministry showed.

It is the tenth consecutive month Japan’s exports have risen. Meanwhile imports increased 12% year-on-year in September, the ninth straight gain.

Japanese exports increased to JPY 6,811 billion in September from JPY 5,969 billion the previous year. Imports for September rose to JPY6,164 billion, bringing the trade balance to JPY670 billion, remaining in the black for a fourth consecutive month.

Exports to China, Japan’s largest trading partner, continued to show strong growth, rising 25.8%. Meanwhile, Japan’s trade surplus with the U.S increased 5.1%% as exports rose 11.1%, an eleventh straight gain. Trade between the world’s first and third largest economies has come under scrutiny after U.S President Donald Trump vowed to root out unfair trade practices around the world and target countries, including Japan, that contribute to America’s substantial trade deficit.

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