Mueller Reportedly To Deliver Core Findings In Russia Probe After Midterms

Mueller Reportedly To Deliver Core Findings In Russia Probe After Midterms

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to issue findings on core aspects of his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election after next month’s midterm elections, according to a report from Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Citing two U.S. officials, Bloomberg said Mueller is facing intensifying pressure to produce more indictments or shut down his investigation.

One of the officials told Bloomberg that Mueller is close to rendering judgment on whether there were clear incidents of collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign and whether the president took any actions that constitute obstruction of justice.

Bloomberg noted regulations governing the investigation stipulate Mueller can only present his findings to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, raising questions about whether the information will be made public.

Adding to the uncertainty, reports suggest Trump may replace both Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the elections in order to curtail the investigation the president has repeatedly labeled a “witch hunt.”

The report from Bloomberg comes after multiple media sources said last week that members of Trump’s legal team are preparing answers to written questions submitted by Mueller.

The questions provided by Mueller reportedly focus on allegations of collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government.

The inquiries are seen as a first round of questioning that could lead to follow-up questions depending on the answers.

Reports said the questions from Mueller do not address the issue of whether Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump has previously indicated willingness to sit for an in-person interview with Mueller, although the president’s lawyers are reportedly concerned he could unintentionally leave himself open to perjury charges.

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