Personal Finance Daily: The big catch with Chase’s new checking account and 6 reasons why credit matters

Personal Finance Daily: The big catch with Chase’s new checking account and 6 reasons why credit matters

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Personal Finance
Your Instagram account may be more secure than many State Department emails

A General Service Administration report has some scathing conclusions for cybersecurity on State Department devices.

I lent my nephew $6,800 for his father’s funeral and he refuses to pay me back

This 80-year-old woman wonders if she has any recourse without a promissory note.

Calorie counting menus helps diners lose just 1 pound over 3 years, and other depressing facts

Health food advocates may not be encouraged by the results of this new study.

6 reasons why credit matters

Don’t just blow it off. Here’s how your credit standing can affect your life.

7 easy ways to simplify life and save money

Here’s a few low-effort hacks that will make your life easier and your wallet a little fatter.

Chase is now offering 60,000 points on a checking account, but there’s a big catch

Inspired by the Chase Sapphire credit cards, Premium checking account customers will get lots of perks

Evacuating due to Hurricane Florence? Include these items in your ‘financial go-bag’

Financial experts say it’s always better to prepare for the worst.

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Mortgage rates hit 6-week high with housing market at a crossroad

Rates for home loans reach a six-week high as upbeat economic data and a bulging deficit spur a yield-lifting bond sell-off and big questions grip the housing market.

Canadian marijuana investors could face lifetime bans from entering U.S.

Canadians who invest in marijuana-related stocks, as well as those who use pot or work in the cannabis industry, could be banned from ever entering the U.S., according to a report Thursday.

Investors now are greedy, and that’s bearish for stocks

Market sentiment reflects a significant shift towards irrational exuberance, writes Mark Hulbert.

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