Energy Recap: EIA Releases Its Latest Electric Power Monthly Report

Energy Recap: EIA Releases Its Latest Electric Power Monthly Report
By SA Editor Michelle Carini :

Welcome to the latest edition of the Energy Recap. This week, we wanted to make note of the recently released EIA Electric Power Monthly . In it, you can find some interesting data regarding the growth of renewable energy, among other things. Here are a couple of highlights taken from the full report, along with a chart illustrating the electric-generating capacity of renewable sources between the end of 2016 and 2017:

… total U.S. net electricity generation fell slightly (down 1.5%) in 2017, reflecting lower electricity demand. Natural gas and coal generation fell by 7.7% and 2.5% from 2016, respectively, as generation from several renewable fuels, particularly hydro, wind, and solar, increased from 2016 levels.

Electricity from renewable sources, especially wind and solar, continued to increase in 2017. Wind made up 6.3% of total net generation, and utility-scale solar made up 1.3% — record shares for both fuels. In part as a result of record precipitation in California, hydroelectricity increased in 2017, accounting for 7.5% of total net generation. EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook expects hydro to continue to exceed wind in 2018, but wind is projected to become the predominant renewable electricity generation source in 2019.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly.

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Energy Sector Bankruptcies for the Week Ended March 23, 2018

Here’s a list of the most recent bankruptcy announcements in the energy sector:

– None.

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U.S. Oil Rig Count

As per Baker Hughes , the number of active U.S. oil drilling rigs rose this week.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report and Summary

Natural Gas Rig Count

Oil Production

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