The Morning Hype: Trumps Off to Asia, iPhone X is Out, and A New Fed Chair

The Morning Hype: Trumps Off to Asia, iPhone X is Out, and A New Fed Chair

Republicans Start Sifting Through Tax Bill , Committee Consideration Starts Monday (via Bloomberg)

Trump Heads Out on Weeks Long Asia Trip (via Reuters)

1 in 2 U.S Milennials Favor Socialism Over Capitalism (via MarketWatch)

Defective EpiPens Responsible for At Least 7 Dead in 2017 (via Gizmodo)

Starbucks to Sell Tazo Tea Segment to Unilever for $384MN (via Forbes)

The FDA Goes After Cannabinoid Companies Saying Cannabis Cures Cancer (via Fortune)

iPhone X is Out Across the World Today, Watch Everyone Wait in Line for It (via Mashable)

True Hero Twitter Employee Shuts Down Donnie Trump’s Account for a Few Glorious Minutes (via The Verge)

NYC: Local News Sources Gothamist and DNAInfo Get Shut Down By Billionaire Owner After They Vote to Unionize (via Patch)

Trump Picks New Fed Chair, Jerome Powell (via Business Insider)


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