4 Penny Stocks to Watch

4 Penny Stocks to Watch

Star Century Pandaho Corporation (OTCQB: SCPD) is incorporated at Las Vegas, Nevada and listed on OTC market. (OTC STOCK SYMBOL: SCPD) The Company’s theme culture is based on Pandaho, the Panda and is spreading the culture, brand name exposition, series products production and sales of Pandaho, the Panda. It also operates the fan club of Pandaho, the Panda, which is surrounding the network of the image of the national treasures of China, the Panda and to develop and launch the commercial, philanthropy, and cultural activities. It is an innovative enterprise that presented the innovative Pandaho Fans Economics to create incomes and benefits for both the fans and the company.

CornerWorld Corp. (OTCQB: CWRL) is a marketing and technology services company creating opportunities from the increased accessibility of content across mobile and internet platforms. The company conducts its business through its main operating subsidiaries as described below.
The company provides certain marketing services through its operating subsidiary Enversa Companies LLC, a Texas limited liability company (“Enversa”). Enversa is a technology-oriented direct response marketing company. Enversa identifies qualified leads for advertisers thereby connecting them with potential consumers and also operates several ad networks. Enversa also provides search engine optimization services (SEO”), domain leasing and website management services on a recurring monthly basis.

CHC Helicopter (OTCQX: HELIF) is a leader in enabling customers to go further, do more and come home safely, including oil and gas companies, government search-and-rescue agencies and organizations requiring helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul services through the Heli-One segment. The Company has a fleet of more than 220 aircraft and operates on six continents.

U-Vend, Inc. (OTCQB: UVND), located in Santa Monica, CA, is a consumer products and automated retailing company specializing in the creation, marketing and sales of unique ice cream and related food products which are distributed to the retail markets utilizing various “next-generation” self-serve electronic kiosks throughout North America. The Company owns and operates kiosks and has partnered with numerous national consumer product companies to deliver new and innovative customer retail experiences in automated “frictionless” settings.

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